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H2H Director interview with Andrew Krystal, SiriusXM Talk 167

Listen (disponible en anglais seulement) as Joe Maloney, Executive Director, Helmets to Hardhats, and Mike Yorke, President, Carpenters District Council of Ontario, are interviewed by Andrew Krystal about the homeless Veteran crisis and the immediate response and support from H2H and the trade unions, and the difficulties of supporting Veterans with a small, but dedicated staff of Veterans.

You can listen to the interview here

Message important de directeur d'un refuge

« Le refuge « Good Shepherd Ministries » offre son aide pour loger et soutenir les vétérans sans-abri depuis 10 ans``, affirme le Frère David Lynch, Directeur exécutif. « Nous sommes heureux d’avoir l’opportunité d’élargir ces services. Nous n’offrons plus seulement un lit chaud, des repas chauds et un endroit où loger, en partenariat avec Du Régiment aux Bâtiments, nous pouvons dès maintenant accompagner les Vétérans dans l’apprentissage de nouvelles habiletés pour leur permettre de retourner sur le marché du travail.

Les Vétérans sans-abri ont servi leur pays et il est de notre devoir de ne pas les laisser tomber. Ils doivent recevoir tous les services dont ils ont besoin pour se sortir de la rue. Nous leur offrons notre support et les encourageons à devenir actifs afin qu’ils puissent amplement profiter de la vie. Merci à Du Régiment aux Bâtiment, ensemble, nous pourrons réaliser notre objectif. »

Frère David Lynch, directeur administratif, Good Shepherd Ministries

Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements, consultez le site Web du Good Shepherd Ministries.

Reservist turned carpenter hands in the tools to help at LTC home

When carpenter and active military reservist Dimitrij Berdnikov was asked by the Canadian Armed Forces to volunteer in the military’s initiative Operation LASER to assist in a troubled long-term care home during the pandemic in the Greater Toronto Area, the 28-year-old was quick to sign up.

Berdnikov is a member of Carpenters’ Local 27 in Toronto.

In 2016, after four years in the military reserves, he was looking at career options and the building trades was on his list.

Through the Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) program, he met carpenter Mike Humphries, a Local 27 business representative and its liaison to the H2H.

“I didn’t know anything about carpentry at the time but thought I’d give it a try and I have liked it ever since,” says Berdnikov.

You can read the full article from the Daily Commercial News

Message important de l’ équipe Du Régiment aux Bâtiments

Salut à tous et à toutes,

Quelle aventure nous vivons tous depuis le 14 mars dernier. J’aimerais vous remercier de suivre les directives de la santé publique de votre province. Même si nous sommes tous confinés à notre demeure, j’aimerais vous informer que notre organisation, Du Régiment aux Bâtiments, demeure en opération. Nous continuons ainsi à prendre vos inscriptions car dès que les industries vont rouvrir, nous voulons que vous soyez aux premières loges pour bénéficier des avantages que le programme Du Régiment aux Bâtiments offre à ses membres. À ce jour, nous sommes fiers de compter plus de 6900 membres inscrits et d’avoir intégré au-delà de 1100 membres dans l’industrie de la construction canadienne.

Nous vous attendons.
L’équipe Du Régiment aux Bâtiments.

Letter from VAC to Helmets to Hardhats

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) has launched an online consultation to learn how we can better communicate with and reach out to former Canadian Armed Forces members and their families. The Veteran Community Consultation is geared toward Veterans who do not currently receive benefits and services from VAC.

It is important that all former military members are aware of the benefits and services that VAC offers, and how to access those supports, even years after release. The findings of this consultation will help us improve the way we communicate with Veterans to better meet your needs.

The online consultation will run until the end of March. In-person discussion groups will be organized in communities across Canada this spring.

Click here to participate in the consultation.

Letter from Helmets to Hardhats to The National Post

"Skilled labour isn’t cheap, and cheap labour isn’t skilled"

Letters to the Editor
The National Post
365 Bloor St. East, 3rd Floor Toronto, Ontario M4W 3L4
To the Editor:
Re: “Let the markets handle the skilled-trades labour shortage” (Jan. 24) I must take issue with the author’s criticism of the Ontario government’s active promotion of skilled trades apprenticeships for young people. We are indeed facing a shortage of skilled tradespeople, as baby boomers — well trained and well paid — are retiring from industry. Leaving aside Mr Lau’s inapt and cynical comparison of skilled workers to oranges and pears, it seems he would “just...let the markets work,” and have them replaced by unapprenticed, semi-skilled, low-paid workers, in another example of the “race to the bottom” in both skills and wages. My organization assists armed forces veterans in transitioning into the skilled trades. We have no intention of sending these people into inadequately trained jobs where they can be exploited by employers favouring cheap labour over fully qualified workers. Our veterans deserve a better future, and so do our youth. Labour Minister Monte McNaughton should be applauded for encouraging young people to enter the skilled trades through proper apprenticeships. Engaging skilled workers in industry requires regulation, certification, intensive training, and licensing. It requires a tripartite partnership of government, organized labour, and industry, for the sake of safety, quality, and fair compensation. Reaching out to youth, who may otherwise be unfamiliar with apprenticeship opportunities — and the “fruit”-ful jobs they promise — is a good move by this government. Skilled labour isn’t cheap, and cheap labour isn’t skilled.
Joseph Maloney, M.S.C.
National Executive Director,
Helmets to Hardhats Canada

Pdf letter available here

Visite chez locale 359

H2H Paul Bury, CD, tours the Boilermakers Local 359 welding shop in Langley, BC. Are you military, Veteran, Reservist looking to join top trade unions in Canada? Register today!

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Visite chez locale 359

Helmets to Hardhats Normand T and Paul B meet with Local 359 Business Manager (middle) Jordan Streng. Boilermakers always ready to #supportourtroops with great careers!

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