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First, determine your specific trade.

Next, focus your resume on that trade or occupation, and what's relevant for the position you're applying for, and eliminate details and duties that don’t focus on skills the potential employer seeks. Use your job descriptions to emphasize challenges, actions, and results. Translate your resume into civilian terms. Never use military jargon or acronymns! Limit your resume from 1-2 pages. Don't include your mailing address, use a professional email. Don't include references.

Resume Template

This is a sample resume developed by Helmets to Hardhats® staff targetting the Building & Construction Industry, available in a pdf or MS Word document. It's a quick review designed for busy managers to see your highlights and skillsets. You want to catch their attention, and you can fill in the details once you are selected.

Options: All formats: If you don't have Microsoft Word, you can create a google email account, then access Google Drive for free. You will be able to open and edit this document on Google Docs.

Save as a pdf or Word doc to upload to the H2H® secure website.
iPad & iPhone: MS Word is a free app for all iPad and iPhone users, you will need a free Microsoft account to edit and save changes.

Please do not upload an image of your resume (ex: a screenshot or jpg).
If this format is not compatable for you, contact for assistance.

Translate a Military Occupation

If you're still not sure what to include, we' ve included a link to a very valuable website that we have found best suits our clients. MNET is the Military Occupational Structure Identification Code (MOSID)/National Occupation Code (NOC) Equivalency Tool. It is a ‘Military to Civilian’ or ‘Civilian to Military’ job translator. If you search your trade, you will find a description that you can copy and paste to your resume.
For example, a description for MOSID 00129 Vehicle Technician : VEH TECH shall perform duties related to operating, inspecting, testing, diagnosing, servicing, reconditioning and repairing general and specialized vehicles both wheeled and tracked including but not limited to: armoured personnel and fighting vehicles, all sizes of trucks, material handling equipment, generators, and small engines in both fixed and field environments.
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